Contents of Volume 50


K. J. DROPPELMANN, J. E. EPHRATH and P. R. BERLINER / Tree/crop complementarity in an arid zone runoff agroforestry system in northern Kenya A. Y. KAMARA, I. O. AKOBUNDU, D. CHIKOYE and S. C. JUTZI / Selective control of weeds in an arable crop by mulches from some multipurpose trees in Southwestern Nigeria C. R. LATT, P. K. R. NAIR and B. T. KANG / Interactions among cutting frequency, reserve carbohydrates, and post-cutting biomass production in Gliricidia sepium and Leucaena leucocephala R. R. B. LEAKEY, J.-M. FONDOUN, A. ATANGANA and Z. TCHOUNDJEU / Quantitative descriptors of variation in the fruits and seeds of Irvingia gabonensis I. PETER and J. LEHMANN / Pruning effects on root distribution and nutrient dynamics in an acacia hedgerow planting in northern Keyna M. A. SALAM, T. NOGUCHI and M. KOIKE / Understanding why farmers plant trees in the homestead agroforestry in Bangladesh S. F. SIEBERT / Survival and growth of rattan intercropped with coffee and cacao in the agroforests of Indonesia Book review

DOI: 10.1023/A:1017241613038

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