Content- and Graph-based Tag Recommendation: Two Variations

  title={Content- and Graph-based Tag Recommendation: Two Variations},
  author={Johannes Mrosek and Stefan Bussmann and H Elliott Albers and Kai Posdziech and Benedikt Hengefeld and Nils Opperman and Stefan Robert and Gerrit Spira},
We describe two variants of our approach to tackle the task 1 & 2 of the ECML PKDD Discovery Challenge 2009 where each contenter had to identify up to 5 tags for each resource of a given set of either bibtex-like references to publications or bookmarks. The quality of the results was measured against the tags that users of the data source ( had originally assigned to the resources (F1 measure). In our approach, we either generate tags (from the content of the given resource… CONTINUE READING

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