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Content Delivery Architectures for Live Video Streaming: Hybrid CDN-P2P as the best option

  title={Content Delivery Architectures for Live Video Streaming: Hybrid CDN-P2P as the best option},
  author={Melika Meskovic and Himzo Bajric and Mladen Kos},
In the last years, with the help of high-speed and broadband networking, the content delivery service has been grown up widely. There are a lot of providers for online streaming via Content Delivery Network (CDN), Peer to Peer (P2P) network or hybrid CDN-P2P system. In this paper, we analyse a hybrid solution for real-time streaming: hybrid CDNP2P mechanism that takes the best of both CDN and P2P content delivery architectures. By adapting the best of breed of both worlds (CDN and P2P), we… 

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