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Content-Based Search, and Retrieval of Audio

  title={Content-Based Search, and Retrieval of Audio},
  author={E. Wold and Thorn Blum and Douglas Keislar and James Wheaton},
Many audio and multimedia applications would benefit from the ability to classify and search for audio based on its characteristics. The audio analysis, search, and classification engine described here reduces sounds to perceptual and acoustical features. This lets users search or retrieve sounds by any one feature or a combination of them, by specifying previously learned classes based on these features, or by selecting or entering reference sounds and asking the engine to retrieve similar or… Expand
Audio patterns searching and retrieval
  • R. Gubka, M. Kuba
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 21st International Conference Radioelektronika 2011
  • 2011
Algorithm for spotting audio patterns in record, using Hidden Markov Models and Viterbi decoder is presented, and two types of probability normalization are presented and compared. Expand
Audio Visual Cues for Video Indexing and Retrieval
The proposed joint audio-visual retrieval framework is highly flexible and scalable, and can be effectively applied to various types of video databases. Expand
Interactive video retrieval using embedded audio content
This paper model the shape of the distribution of wavelet coefficients of embedded audio with a Laplacian mixture and forms a low dimensional feature vector representing global similarity of the audio content of the video clips. Expand
Features for audio and music classification
Four audio feature sets are evaluated in their ability to classify five general audio classes and seven popular music genres and show that the temporal behavior of features is important for both music and audio classification. Expand
Automatic Audio Genre Classification Based on Support Vector Machine
The experimental results show that the proposed SVM approach to classify audio signals into six classes not only improves classification accuracy, but also performs better than the other classification systems using the decision tree, K nearest neighbor (K-NN) and neural network. Expand
Melody-based retrieval of music
  • Yi Jin, Min Huang
  • Computer Science
  • Electron. Libr.
  • 2004
This paper focuses on the melody‐based retrieval of music, which can be regarded as a kind of content‐based retrieved of music but much closer to the actual nature of music. Expand
Dominant Feature Vectors Based Audio Similarity Measure
Evaluations on a content-based audio retrieval system indicate an obvious improvement after using the proposed similarity measure, compared with some other conventional methods. Expand
MRTB framework: a robust content-based music retrieval and browsing
New feature extraction procedure such as multi-feature clustering (MFC) is proposed for robust and optimum performance of the music retrieval system. Expand
A quick AND/OR search for multimedia signals based on histogram features
The authors describe the application of the time series active search method, a method to search audio signals proposed in the authors' previous paper, to video searches, and propose an efficient algorithm for AND searches and OR searches of reference signals. Expand
Multimodal detection of highlights for multimedia content
Algorithms for the automated extraction of video highlights in sports video that are based on audio, text, and image features are developed and used to build applications for selective browsing of sports videos. Expand


Automatic indexing of a sound database using self-organizing neural nets
One of the main problems in sound synthesis is that the composer's idea or concept of a sound does not necessarily correspond directly to the physical parameters of synthesis algorithms. In regard toExpand
Video and Image Processing in Multimedia Systems
This chapter discusses image and Video Indexing and Retrieval techniques for Multimedia Compression, and some of the techniques used in this chapter were developed in the second part of this book. Expand
Toward an Intelligent Editor of Digital Audio: Signal Processing Methods
Signal processing methods that have been developed for use in an automatic music analysis system are described and sample results of some promising strategies for accomplishing these goals are presented. Expand
Aspects of tone sensation : a psychophysical study
One of the books you can enjoy now is aspects of tone sensation a psychophysical study here. Expand