[Contemporary surgical treatment of sellar region tumors].


Due to improved diagnostics, and primarily neuroradiological methods, an increased incidence of sellar region tumors is marked, among which the most common are pituitary adenomas. Sellar region tumors cause dysfunctions of the hypothalamo-pituitary axis as well as surrounding neurovascular structures. Despite the development of pharmacological and radiation therapy, surgical treatment is in these cases still a dominant therapeutical method. The author displays an overview of contemporary surgical methods for the treatment of sellar region tumors, as well as an overview of other adjuvant methods, especially pharmacological. Described are the results of over 1200 patients surgically treated during the past 20 years for sellar region tumors, as well as their complications and adverse effects. The author argues for respecting modem consensus on standardization of results of treating sellar region tumors as well as the consensus on professional and technical equipment of doctors and institutions that deal with this complex work.

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