Contemporary Immigration: Theoretical Perspectives on its Determinants and Modes of Incorporation 1

  title={Contemporary Immigration: Theoretical Perspectives on its Determinants and Modes of Incorporation 1},
  author={Alejandro Portes and J{\'o}zsef B{\"o}r{\"o}cz},
  journal={International Migration Review},
  pages={606 - 630}
This article reviews conventional theories about different aspects of labor migration: its origins, stability over time, and patterns of migrant settlement. For each of these aspects, we provide alternative explanatory hypotheses derived from the notions of increasing articulation of the international system and the social embeddedness of its various subprocesses, including labor flows. A typology of sources and outcomes of contemporary immigration is presented as an heuristic device to… 

On Successfulness: How National Models of Integration Policies Shape Migrants’ Incorporation

This article investigates the relationship between national integration policy models and their outcomes. To evaluate this relationship in greater depth, I studied two typifying migrant groups:

New Destinations and Immigrant

Does the academic literature on U.S. immigration adequately capture the experiences of immigrants outside their traditional areas of concentration?This article reviews the three major fields of

International Migration in a Global Context: Recent Approaches to Migration Theory

Traditional sociological paradigms about immigrants in the United States have been based on approaches that privilege the concept of ethnicity: the assimilation school (Gordon; Park) and the cultural

The Practice of Research on Migration and Mobilities

Introduction: Interdisciplinary Dialogues and Methodological Debates.- Residential Settlement and Mobility in the San Quintin Valley: Methodological Reflections on an Interdisciplinary Study.- A

The Heuristic Potential of Models of Citizenship and Immigrant Integration Reviewed

This special issue of the Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies reviews the use of models for international comparisons of citizenship and immigrant integration. The introduction explores criticism

Involuntary migration, inequality, and integration: national and subnational influences

Across the world, we observe different experiences in terms of inequality between migrant and 'host-country' populations. What factors contribute to such variation? What policies and programmes

The Immigrant Integration Process in France: Inequalities and Segmentation

This article focuses on the integration of immigrants in France as a demographic, economic, social and political process. It uses data from the 1992 INSEE-INED “Mobilite Geographique et Insertion

New Destinations and Immigrant Incorporation

Does the academic literature on U.S. immigration adequately capture the experiences of immigrants outside their traditional areas of concentration? This article reviews the three major fields of

Transnational Migration and the Reformulation of Analytical Categories: Unpacking Latin American Refugee Dynamics in Toronto

This chapter contributes to comparative research on migration and incorporation. It offers a reconceptualization of analytical categories of research in Toronto into migrants from four Latin American



Mexico's International Migration as a Manifestation of its Development Pattern 1

This paper summarizes the view on the broader structural determinants of the illegal flow held by Mexican scholars concerned with the problem. In the first section, some of the aspects of the

The Immigration Time Bomb: The Fragmenting of America.

This book examines the problems posed in the United States by current levels of immigration both legal and illegal. Consideration is given to the number of immigrants the country can absorb and to

Immigrant Enclaves: An Analysis of the Labor Market Experiences of Cubans in Miami

Data from a longitudinal sample of Cuban emigres are used to test competing hypotheses about the mode of incorporation of new immigrants into the U.S. labor market. Classic theories of assimilation

Unwelcome immigrants: the labor market experiences of 1980 (Mariel) Cuban and Haitian refugees in South Florida.

This article examines the situation of 2 recently arrived and disadvantaged immigrant groups in the context of 2 competing theoretical traditions: classical assimilation and recent labor market

International Factors in the Formation of Refugee Movements

A framework for the analysis of the causes of refugee movements must reflect the transnational character of the processes involved and the policy implications of the proposed reconceptualization are pointed to.

Book Review: Birds of Passage: Migrant Labor and Industrial Societies

1. Introduction 2. The jobs 3. The migrants 4. Particular characteristics of the migrant labour market 5. The impact of migration on the place of origin 6. The historical evolution of long-distance

Sending Countries and the Politics of Emigration and Destination 1

This article examines available means and activities of sending (emigration) countries in their efforts to exert control over the “long-term-temporary” emigration process. This type, rather than

Understanding Mexican Migration to the United States

  • D. Massey
  • Economics
    American Journal of Sociology
  • 1987
This article draws on prior theory and research in the fields of sociology, economics, and anthropology to specify six basic propositions about international migration. These are examined using data

Latin Journey: Cuban and Mexican Immigrants in the United States.

This in-depth study of the migration process is primarily concerned with recent Cuban and Mexican immigration into the United States. A theoretical overview of labor migration and a historical survey

Dual Citizenship and Political Integration 1

  • T. Hammar
  • Psychology
    The International migration review
  • 1985
This article suggests naturalization as an instrument to correct an anomalous situation and describes the naturalization rate and the reasons for the low propensity for naturalization in various North European countries.