Contemporary Anglophone African Philosophy: A Survey

  title={Contemporary Anglophone African Philosophy: A Survey},
  author={Barry Hallen},
On Africanising the philosophy curricula: Challenges and prospects
Against a background of the predominance of Western philosophy in Africa, and the marginalisation of African philosophy (real or perceived), it is, or at least it should be, evident that the quest toExpand
Theoretical Conceptualization of Capitalism and Freedom
The chapter develops theoretical issues around capitalism and freedom. It argues that there are three fundamental Western perspectives are influencing African views, namely, the Marxist-ConflictExpand
Truth in Ancient Philosophy
This chapter opens the historical part of the book. I focus on Greek philosophy (archaic poets and thinkers, Pre-Socratics, Plato, Aristotle, post-Aristotelian, particularly the Stoics), some factsExpand