Contemporary American Women Poets: An A-to-Z Guide

  title={Contemporary American Women Poets: An A-to-Z Guide},
  author={Catherine Cucinella and E. S. Nelson},
Preface Introduction Ackerman, Diane (Fink) Ai Angelou, Maya Armantrout, Rae (Mary) Badikian, Beatriz Brooks, Gwendolyn Elizabeth Broumas, Olga Castillo, Ana Cervantes, Lorna Dee Chernoff, Maxine Chin, Marilyn Cisneros, Sandra Clampitt, Amy Clary, Killarney Clifton, Lucille Coleman, Wanda Cortez, Jayne Derricotte, Toi Digges, Deborah di Prima, Diane Dove, Rita Emanuel, Lynn Forche, Carolyn Fulton, Alice Gallagher, Tess Gerstler, Amy Giovanni, Nikki Gluck, Louise Graham, Jorie Hacker, Marilyn… Expand
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“Oh, Catfish and Turnip Greens”: Black Oral Traditions in the Poetry of Marilyn Nelson
I their coauthored essay “A Black Rainbow: Modern Afro-American Poetry” (1991), Rita Dove and Marilyn Nelson affirm that African American poets usually choose to write for either a black or a whiteExpand
The Between Story: Physical and Psychic Trauma in the Poetry of Sonia Sanchez and Lucille Clifton
Rhetorical choices used by Black women poets makes their work a militant force in the theoretical war against racist and sexist oppression. Research on trauma and testimony supports a breakdown ofExpand
Re-gendering discourse in Adrienne Rich's Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law
Adrienne Rich is one of the most famous American feminist poets in the modern world. She stated that women are gendered in the patriarchal society to be inferiors, victims and weak. In Rich’s poem,Expand
Myth, History, and Fiction : An Interpretive Essay of the Works of Ana Castillo
This thesis recounts the Chicano Movement in the U.S. during the 1960s and its effect on Chicano literature and literary scholarship. Understanding Chicano literature as purely a vehicle forExpand


Forms of Expansion: Recent Long Poems by Women
Contemporary American women are writing long poems in a variety of styles which repossess history, reconceive female subjectivity, and seek to revitalize poetry itself. This book explores thisExpand
Sonia Sanchez: Will and Spirit
Dynamic: the word immediately describes Sonia Sanchez and her art. Petite, attractive, her diminutive size, like that of actress Vinie Burrows, seems to acquire physical volume on stage. Born toExpand
Jessica Hagedorn And Manila Magic
In 1975, a then relatively unknown Filipino-American poet named Jessica Hagedorn wrote a poem called "Song for my Father" in which life in Manila took on some of the surreal appearance of life inExpand
The Breaking of Style: Hopkins, Heaney, Graham@@@The Given and the Made: Strategies of Poetic Redefinition
Join Professor Helen Vendler in her course lecture on the Yeats poem "Among School Children." View her insightful and passionate analysis along with a condensed reading and student comments on theExpand
Reading race in American poetry : an area of act
Situated at the intersection of poetry, race, and politics, this collection exposes the many and various ways race informs American poetry. Contributors examine the historical influence of race onExpand
A Gulf So Deeply Cut: American Women Poets and the Second World War
In "A Gulf So Deeply Cut" Susan Schweik looks at war poems written by American women between 1941 and 1945 and, on a larger scale, examines the workings of gender in the politics of war. The "gulf"Expand
Audre Lorde (1934–1992)
Immer wieder hat Audre Lorde ihre Selbstdefinition als Schwarze, Lesbe, Feministin, Mutter, Kampferin und Dichterin betont. »Es gibt andere Dinge, die mich gepragt haben«, sagt sie 1986 in einemExpand
"Twin Gods Bending Over": Joy Harjo and Poetic Memory
Contemporary Native American poet Joy Harjo expresses and reflects patterns of ongoing, multilayered and multivocal memories within the narratives of her poems. These memories flow and interweave onExpand
Gardens in the dunes : a novel
A sweeping, multifaceted tale of a young Native American pulled between the cherished traditions of a heritage on the brink of extinction and an encroaching white culture, "Gardens in the Dunes" isExpand
Lesbian Texts and Contexts: Radical Revisions@@@Lesbian and Gay Writing@@@The Safe Sea of Women: Lesbian Fiction 1969-1989
Teaching courses in lesbian culture over the past five years, I've become frustratedly aware of how proliferating but disparate and difficult to pin down most of the critical material is. TrackingExpand