Contamination of fox hair with eggs of Toxocara canis.

  title={Contamination of fox hair with eggs of Toxocara canis.},
  author={Gillian Roddie and Celia Holland and Peter G Stafford and Alan Wolfe},
  journal={Journal of helminthology},
  volume={82 4},
Eighty-seven red foxes were investigated for the presence of Toxocara eggs on a sample of their hair from the peri-anal region. The worm burden of Toxocara in each fox intestine was also assessed and the relationship between eggs on the hair and worms in the intestine explored. Twenty-eight per cent of the foxes were found to have Toxocara eggs on their hair, with an average of 1.31 +/- 3.21 eggs per gram of hair (+/- SD). Sixty-one per cent of foxes harboured Toxocara worms within their… CONTINUE READING