Contamination in trials of educational interventions.

  title={Contamination in trials of educational interventions.},
  author={Marcus R. Keogh-Brown and Max Oscar Bachmann and Lee Shepstone and C Hewitt and Alice Howe and Craig R. Ramsay and Fujian Song and Jeremy N. V. Miles and David J Torgerson and Susan Miles and Diana Elbourne and Ian C. Harvey and M J Campbell},
  journal={Health technology assessment},
  volume={11 43},
  pages={iii, ix-107}
OBJECTIVES To consider the effects of contamination on the magnitude and statistical significance (or precision) of the estimated effect of an educational intervention, to investigate the mechanisms of contamination, and to consider how contamination can be avoided. DATA SOURCES Major electronic databases were searched up to May 2005. METHODS An exploratory literature search was conducted. The results of trials included in previous relevant systematic reviews were then analysed to see… CONTINUE READING

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