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Contamination and conditioning of the prototype double spoke cryomodule for European Spallation Source.

  title={Contamination and conditioning of the prototype double spoke cryomodule for European Spallation Source.},
  author={A Miyazaki and H. Li and Kjell Fransson and Konrad Gajewski and Lars Hermansson and Rocio Santiago Kern and Rolf Wedberg and Roger Ruber},
  journal={arXiv: Accelerator Physics},
A superconducting Double Spoke Resonator (DSR) is the technology of choice in a low energy section of a high power proton linear accelerator. At the FREIA laboratory in Uppsala University, we have tested two DSRs in a prototype cryomodule for the European Spallation Source (ESS) project. It showed that the conditioning process of these cavity packages would be the key for the series production tests. In this paper, we present the conditioning procedure that we developed, and also describe the… 

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