Containerized cargo security at the U.S. – Mexico border: how supply chain vulnerabilities impact processing times at land ports of entry

  title={Containerized cargo security at the U.S. – Mexico border: how supply chain vulnerabilities impact processing times at land ports of entry},
  author={Maria G. Burns},
  journal={Journal of Transportation Security},
  • Maria G. Burns
  • Published 15 February 2019
  • Business
  • Journal of Transportation Security
Nucleus of this research is to identify how the strategies of trucking and land transportation and logistics companies utilizing the U.S. Mexican border land routes affect border processing times, while providing policy recommendations for specific problems. Namely, this work identifies a link between delays and security at the border, as opposed to security risk-mitigation strategies by truckers on the Mexican side of the border. As higher volumes of containerized cargoes are processed at the… 
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  • Maria G. Burns
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    International Encyclopedia of Transportation
  • 2021


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