ContactMap: Organizing communication in a social desktop

  title={ContactMap: Organizing communication in a social desktop},
  author={Steve Whittaker and Quentin Jones and Bonnie A. Nardi and Mike Creech and Loren G. Terveen and Ellen Isaacs and John D Hainsworth},
  journal={ACM Trans. Comput.-Hum. Interact.},
Modern work is a highly social process, offering many cues for people to organize communication and access information. Shared physical workplaces provide natural support for tasks such as (a) <i>social reminding</i> about communication commitments and keeping track of collaborators and friends, and (b) <i>social data mining</i> of local expertise for advice and information. However, many people now collaborate remotely using tools such as email and voicemail. Our field studies show that these… CONTINUE READING
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