Contact sensitivity to metals (chromium, cobalt and nickel) in childhood.

  title={Contact sensitivity to metals (chromium, cobalt and nickel) in childhood.},
  author={Marilda Helena Toledo Brand{\~a}o and Bernardo Gontijo},
  journal={Anais brasileiros de dermatologia},
  volume={87 2},
Metals, especially nickel, are the most common contact allergens in children. Recent data has shown increased incidence of allergy in industrialized countries. Sensitization can occur at any age, even in neonates. Costume jewelry, particularly earrings, is linked to increased sensitization to nickel. Sensitization to cobalt often occurs by the use of costume jewelry. The most common source of sensitization to chromium is leather. Due to the absence of a specific therapy, the main treatment is… CONTINUE READING

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