Contact resistances in trigate and FinFET devices in a non-equilibrium Green's functions approach

  title={Contact resistances in trigate and FinFET devices in a non-equilibrium Green's functions approach},
  author={L. Bourdet and Johan Pelloux-Prayer and Franccois Triozon and Mikael Cass'e and Sylvain Barraud and S. Martinie and Denis Rideau and Yann-Michel Niquet},
  journal={Journal of Applied Physics},
We compute the contact resistances Rc in trigate and FinFET devices with widths and heights in the 4–24 nm range using a Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions approach. Electron-phonon, surface roughness, and Coulomb scattering are taken into account. We show that Rc represents a significant part of the total resistance of devices with sub-30 nm gate lengths. The analysis of the quasi-Fermi level profile reveals that the spacers between the heavily doped source/drain and the gate are major… 

High and low-field contact resistances in trigate devices in a Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions framework

  • L. BourdetJing Li Y. Niquet
  • Physics
    2016 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices (SISPAD)
  • 2016
We compute the contact resistances at low drain bias in Trigate and FinFET devices with widths and heights in the 4 to 24 nm range, using a Non-Equilibrium Green's Function approach. Electron-phonon,

Size-dependent carrier mobilities in rectangular silicon nanowire devices

Multi-gate transistors have attracted considerable attention as a way to overcome the scaling issues of planar MOSFETs. Although the effects of structural confinement on the carrier mobilities have

A Simple Interpolation Model for the Carrier Mobility in Trigate and Gate-All-Around Silicon NWFETs

We compute the electron and hole mobilities in Trigate and gate-all-around silicon nanowires (SiNWs) within the nonequilibrium Green’s Function framework. We then derive a simple model for the

Carrier scattering by workfunction fluctuations and interface dipoles in high-K/metal gate stacks

  • Z. ZengF. TriozonY. Niquet
  • Physics
    2016 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices (SISPAD)
  • 2016
The introduction of a high-K/metal gate stack in metal-oxide-Semiconductor field-effect transistors can cause a significant degradation of the mobility, especially at weak inversion densities. This

Carrier scattering in high-κ/metal gate stacks

A significant degradation of the mobility has been repeatedly observed at low inversion density in high-κ/metal gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors. However, the scattering

A study of diffusive transport in 14nm FDSOI MOSFET: NEGF versus QDD

  • Gabriel MugnyF. G. Pereira C. Delerue
  • Physics
    2016 46th European Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC)
  • 2016
The mobility in saturation regime is discussed and an approach based on the Scharfetter-Gummel scheme is presented, bridging the gap between NEGF and QDD frameworks.

Assessment of the Electrical Performance of Short Channel InAs and Strained Si Nanowire FETs

We present a numerical study aimed to benchmark short gate InAs nanowire-FETs (NW-FETs) against their strained Si (sSi) counterpart. Our full-quantum simulations focus on both gate-length scaling and

Efficient partitioning of surface Green’s function: toward ab initio contact resistance study.

In this work, we propose an efficient computational scheme for first-principle quantum transport simulations to evaluate the open-boundary conditions. Its partitioning differentiates from

An improved mobility model for FDSOI TriGate and other multi-gate Nanowire MOSFETs down to nanometer-scaled dimensions

We hereby present the experimental validation of a semi-analytical model for the size-dependent carrier mobility in FDSOI TriGate Nanowire transistors. The model is based on simple interpolation

Electric-field tuning of the valley splitting in silicon corner dots

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We compute the electron and hole mobilities in ultrathin body and buried oxide, fully depleted silicon on insulator devices with various high-\(\kappa \) metal gate-stacks using nonequilibrium

Non-equilibrium Green’s function analysis of cross section and channel length dependence of phonon scattering and its impact on the performance of Si nanowire field effect transistors

In this paper, we study the effect of phonon scattering in silicon nanowire field effect transistors (NWFET) using a Non-equilibrium Green’s function formalism in the effective mass approximation.

Performances of Strained Nanowire Devices: Ballistic Versus Scattering-Limited Currents

We discuss the performances of (001) and (110) oriented gate-all-around silicon nanowire (Si NW) transistors within a nonequilibrium Green's functions framework, taking surface roughness and phonon

Physically based modeling of low field electron mobility in ultrathin single- and double-gate SOI n-MOSFETs

In this paper, we have extensively investigated the silicon thickness dependence of the low field electron mobility in ultrathin silicon-on-insulator (UT-SOI) MOSFETs operated both in single- and in

Monte Carlo simulation of double-gate silicon-on-insulator inversion layers: The role of volume inversion

The electron mobility in a double-gate silicon-on-insulator (DGSOI) device is studied as a function of the transverse effective field and silicon layer thickness. The contributions of the main

On the origin of the mobility reduction in n- and p-metal–oxide–semiconductor field effect transistors with hafnium-based/metal gate stacks

We examine the mobility reduction measured in hafnium-based dielectrics in n- and p-MOSFETs by means of extensive comparison between accurate multi-subband Monte Carlo simulations and experimental

The silicon MOSFET from a transmission viewpoint

Abstract Landauer's view of conductance as a process of transmission has had a profound influence on basic transport physicists but is relatively unappreciated by device engineers. In this paper we

Analytic Model of S/D Series Resistance in Trigate FinFETs With Polygonal Epitaxy

In this paper, a simple but accurate model is presented to analyze source/drain (S/D) series resistance in trigate fin field-effect transistors, particularly on triangular or pentagonal rather than

Modeling of electron mobility in gated silicon nanowires at room temperature: Surface roughness scattering, dielectric screening, and band nonparabolicity

We present a theoretical study of electron mobility in cylindrical gated silicon nanowires at 300 K based on the Kubo-Greenwood formula and the self-consistent solution of the Schrodinger and Poisson