Contact lens alternatives to laser vision correction.

  • D Gupta
  • Published 2000 in Journal of ophthalmic nursing & technology


As is evident from the various options discussed, patients have endless choices to correct their vision--everything from refractive surgery to high-tech contact lenses to the latest innovations in glasses. People who do not want to wear glasses can select from a wide assortment of contact lenses that provide exceptional vision, comfort, and convenience at an affordable price. Patients who never could wear contact lenses before because of having dry eyes or astigmatism or needing bifocals now can wear them because of advances in medical technology. In addition, patients who do not want to wear either glasses or contact lenses can opt for refractive surgery to correct their vision. The goal of this article is not to push patients towards any particular route but to let them know of all the choices available. Patients must weigh all of the options, including cost, convenience, and long-term stability, and then make a choice. As with anything else, nothing is without risk or price. It is up to each individual patient to weigh the risks and benefits and decide what option to choose. The best thing for a patient to do when considering any of these options is to make an appointment with his or her eye doctor and together make an informed decision about which option is the best for the patient.

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