Contact dermatitis from cetostearyl alcohol

  title={Contact dermatitis from cetostearyl alcohol},
  author={Marius Rademaker and B Wood and Deborah Greig},
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Emulsifiers are an uncommon cause of allergic contact dermatitis. Five cases of allergic contact dermatitis to cetostearyl alcohol are presented. In all five cases, multiple positive reactions to other allergens were present, usually topical corticosteroid creams. 

Allergic contact dermatitis from cetearyl alcohol in Thrombocid® ointment.

Thrombocid® ointment (Lacer, Barcelona, Spain) is widely used in Spain and other countries for varicose veins and 22 hematomas. To our knowledge, there are no reported cases of allergic contact

Frequency of Allergenic Ingredients in Antifungal Creams

A systematic literature review was performed using the ingredient name on MEDLINE (PubMed) database to identify reports of ACD confirmed by patch testing, and awareness of the allergenic potential of commonly used AFCs may help health care providers when evaluating patients with ACD.

Cetearyl Alcohol

This chapter discusses ingredient information that can be searched by product, by company and by specific chemical, and some helpful independent internet links include.

Annual Review of Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Assessments: 2005/20061

  • F. A. Andersen
  • Environmental Science
    International journal of toxicology
  • 2008
This Annual Review of Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Assessments is prepared and provides the opinion of the CIR Expert Panel regarding the new data described, it does not constitute a full safety review.

Pomoćne tvari s poznatim učinkom u dermalnim proizvodima

Lijekovi koji se primjenjuju na kožu uz djelatnu tvar sadrže i pomocne tvari pri cemu pomocne tvari cine 90% sadržaja dermalnog lijeka. Najce

Allergic contact dermatitis caused dexpanthenol—But is that all?



Contact dermatitis from cetostearyl alcohol in hydrocortisone butyrate lipocream, and from lanolin

Cetostearyl alcohol is an emulsifier and a stabilizer of foam which is used in many topical preparations, both medicinal and cosmetic, and seldom causes allergies, but may occasionally do so.

High sensitization rate to emulsifiers in patients with chronic leg ulcers

These results show a surprisingly high prevalence of sensitization to emulsifiers in patients with chronic leg ulcers, in contrast to patients with other inflammatory skin diseases.

Prevalence and sources of sensitization to emulsifiers: a clinical study

To avoid overlooking emulsifier sensitivity, it is advisable to test these compounds in patients with contact dermatitis that is possibly due to topical preparations, regardless of whether they have other clinically relevant positive reactions or whether patch tests with their own products are negative.

Kontaktallergie iiuf Cetylstearylalkohol (Lanette O) als therapeutisches Problem bei StauungsdermaUtis und Ulcus cruris

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