Contact dermatitis due to miconazole nitrate

  title={Contact dermatitis due to miconazole nitrate},
  author={E. Foged and O. Hammersh{\o}y},
  journal={Contact Dermatitis},
biturates, penicillins, carbamazepine and pyrazolone derivates like phenazone (I). Erythema multiforme-like lesions may also be seen as a secondary dissemination of allergic contact dermatitis to relatively strong sensitizers such as pyrrolnitrine, sulfonamide, promethazine, balsam of Peru and c1ioquinol (2). This case indicates the importance of patch testing the drugs used by patients with erythema multiforme. Positive patch tests indicate delayed-type allergy, which may occur in patients… Expand
Contact allergy to imidazole antimycotics
When 5 patients were tested with a series of imidazoles in different concentratioins and vehicles (petrolatum, ethyl methyl ketone, ethanol), etrolatum turned out to be the least effective one, since no cross reactivity was observed. Expand
Contact sensitivity to imidazole derivatives
Miconazole is a widely prescribed topical anti· fungal agent available in this country as Dak· tarin® cream, powder, lotion, gel, tincture and as Daktacort cream. Daktacort® cream is Daktarin® creamExpand
Contact sensitivity to miconazole with ortho‐chloro cross‐sensitivity to other imidazoles
  • H. Baes
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  • Contact dermatitis
  • 1991
Patch testing with a series of azole antimycotics was positive only to miconazoles, isoconazole, tioconazoles and oxiconazole; for this hitherto unreported pattern of cross‐sensitivity, the designation of “orthochloro cross-sensitivity” is proposed. Expand
Allergic contact dermatitis to some medicaments
The increasing topical use of new drujis and additives, as well as older sensitizers, produces reactions 10 other substances, such as non‐steroidal anti‐inflammatory agents, some antimycotic drugs, propylene glycol and benzoyl peroxide. Expand
Contact dermatitis due to diethyl sebacate
The case reported here is unique in that the patient showed positive reactions to croconazole and itraconazoles, besides clotrimazole, and had apparently used only 1 azole. Expand
Contact dermatitis from butylated hydroxyanisole
Patch tests with the ICDRG standard senes and the topical preparations used showed a strong positive reaction to carba m1x and Clobesol omtment and a negative reaction to clobetasol propionate 0.5% pet. Expand
The treatment of superficial skin infections caused by dermatophytes.
  • H. Degreef
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  • Current topics in medical mycology
  • 1992
Treatment must take into account a number of factors in order to be successful in the long term, because a standard treatment that will lead to cure in all cases is not available as yet. Expand
Contact allergy to hydrocortisone and thixocortol pivalate: problems in the detection of corticosteroid sensitivity
Several of the difficulties involved in the detection of corticosteroid allergy are illustrated by the problems encountered in a patient sensitive to a preparation containing hydrocortisone andExpand
Contact dermatitis and cross‐sensitivity from sulconazole nitrate
As the authors still lack a reliable in vitro test to exclude Type I beta-lactam allergy, it is still advised caution when administering any form of beta- lactams to patients with PA or PM allergy. Expand
Contact dermatitis from topical imidazole antifungals: 15 new cases
Results are discussed particularly with regard to imidazole cross‐reactions and to sensitization to topicals combining miconzole and hydrocortisone. Expand


Secondary polymorphic eruptions in allergic contact dermatitis.
10 cases of secondary dissemination of allergic contact dermatitis in the form of erythema multiforme-like or purpura and vasculitis-like lesions are reported and the possible pathogenetic mechanisms are discussed. Expand
Allergy to Daktarin gel
Case 1 A 65-year-old male with a leg dermatitis thought to be mycotic was treated with Daktarin gel. The dermatitis disseminated following application of the gel. Patch tests were positive toExpand
Miconazole Nitrate in the Treatment of Dermatomycoses
Miconazole nitrate was tested in 30 patients with clinical dermatomycosis, confirmed by laboratory examinations, 15 patients showed Tinea pedis lesions; 10, inguino‐crural lesions; 3 showed lesionsExpand
Contact dermatitis to miconazole nitrate
Only one glove protected the patients against penetration of HN2 and this was the glove made of polyvinylchloride (PVC), while gloves and especially rubber gloves do not prevent penetration of allergens. Expand
Additives, vehicles and active drugs of topical medicaments as causes of delayed-type allergic dermatitis.
The incidence of allergic contact sensitivity in a group of eczematous patients was recorded for substances which can be used as constituents of vehicles in topical medicaments or as active drugs and the highest non-irritant concentration of a number of substances was ascertained. Expand
Solubility of antimycotics: a problem in in vitro experiments.
It was concluded that test agar plates or agar tubes must be made with freshly prepared and clear stock solutions, otherwise false MIC's may be obtained. Expand
Contact sensitivity to imidazole derivatives.
to miconazole nitrate
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Allergy to miconazole nitrate (Daktarin®)
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