Contact-Level Multistatic Sonar Data Simulator for Tracker Performance Assessment


This paper provides an overview of a multistatic sonar contact-data simulation approach and a dataset generated specifically for tracker algorithm evaluation by the multistatic tracking working group (MSTWG). A brief description of the simulation approach is given, which includes simple sonar equation modeling, resulting in sensor-to-sensor target fading effects, as well as contact localization modeling. We describe the methodology by which a single data set generated using this approach is suitable to evaluate multistatic tracker performance over a range of multi-sensor detection redundancy levels

DOI: 10.1109/ICIF.2006.301706

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@article{Grimmett2006ContactLevelMS, title={Contact-Level Multistatic Sonar Data Simulator for Tracker Performance Assessment}, author={Douglas J. Grimmett and Stefano Coraluppi}, journal={2006 9th International Conference on Information Fusion}, year={2006}, pages={1-7} }