Contact Englishes of the Eastern Caribbean

  title={Contact Englishes of the Eastern Caribbean},
  author={Michael Aceto and Jeffrey P. Williams},
1. Map 2. Preface 3. Introduction (by Aceto, Michael) 4. Defining ethnic varieties in the Bahamas: Phonological accommodation in black and white enclave communities (by Childs, Becky) 5. The grammatical features of TMA auxiliaries in Bahamian Creole (by McPhee, Helean) 6. English in the Turks and Caicos Islands: A look at Grand Turk (by Cutler, Cecelia A.) 7. Language variety in the Virgin Islands: Plural markings (by Sabino, Robin) 8. The establishment and perpetuation of Anglophone white… 

Statian Creole English: an English-derived language emerges in the Dutch Antilles

:  This paper examines data gathered via fieldwork from St Eustatius, an island in the Dutch Caribbean. This English variety displays a handful of correspondences with other Englishes spoken in

Language contact and linguistic imperialism in the Caribbean

The linguistic territory of the Caribbean is characterized by the coexistence of many languages, partly of very diverse origin and structure: English and various European languages such as French,

Language Ideologies and the Schooling of Caribbean Creole English-speaking Youth in New York City

Language Ideologies and the Schooling of Caribbean Creole English-speaking Youth in New York City by Dale Michael Britton Adviser: Ofelia Garcia This dissertation seeks to illuminate the ways in

Creolizing Globalization: Pan-Cultural Identities and Language in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia, like much of the rest of the Caribbean, is a Creole society. Due to unique historical circumstances, Antillean Creole cultural identity is fluid, fragmentary and multiple. Saint Lucians


This chapter discusses some approaches used to teach a standard variety to creole and vernacular speakers and surveys the literature describing approaches used in similar contexts elsewhere.

Order in the creole speech community

Creolists and variationists often conceptualize variation in multilectal speech communities as a continuum of linearly ordered linguistic features. Using the variationist comparative method, we

Modeling world Englishes from the perspective of language contact

Research into world Englishes has continued to expand and diversify since the publication of foundational studies in the late 1970s and early 1980s. From then on, the question of how to model the

Tourism, cultural heritage and regional identities in the Isle of Spice

Because of distinctive political, economic, and historic circumstances, Grenada has not followed the traditional approach of most Caribbean destinations constructed as generic paradisiacal landscapes

Language variation in Gulf Pidgin Arabic

The paper is a report of an investigation of factors influencing variation among expat speakers of Gulf Pidgin Arabic (GPA). Evidence from GPA indicates that the morpho-syntactic features of the

Le Page’s theoretical and applied legacy in sociolinguistics and creole studies

This paper reviews Robert B. Le Page’s contributions to creole linguistics, sociolinguistics, and applied linguistics, combining a critical and academic viewpoint with the personal perspective of a