Consumption of raw or heated milk from different species : An evaluation of the nutritional and potential health

  title={Consumption of raw or heated milk from different species : An evaluation of the nutritional and potential health},
  author={Liesel Claeys and Claire Verraes and Sabine Cardoen and Jan Block and Andr{\'e} Huyghebaert and Katleen Raes and Koen Dewettinck and Lieve Herman},
Based on literature data, the composition of milk from different ruminants (cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, camel, llama, yak and deer) and equidae (horse and donkey) and of human milk were compared to examine possible nutritional differences. Additionally, the alleged health benefits attributed to some of these milks and the effect of heating are discussed. Very generally, ruminant milk has a lower lactose content, but a higher protein (and casein), fat (with a higher share of saturated and mono… CONTINUE READING


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