Consumption of atmospheric methane by desert soils

  title={Consumption of atmospheric methane by desert soils},
  author={Robert G. Striegl and Ted A. McConnaughey and D. C. Thorstenson and E. P. Weeks and Joan C. Woodward},
ATMOSPHERIC concentrations of methane, a greenhouse gas, are increasing at a rate of about 1% yr-1 (refs 1–4). Oxidation by methylotrophic bacteria in soil is the largest terrestrial sink for atmospheric CH4, and is estimated to consume about 30 x 1012 g CH4 yr-1 (refs 4–6). Spatial and temporal variability in the rate of soil CH4 consumption are incompletely understood6–19, as are the apparent inhibitory12,13,18or enhancing20 effects of changes in land use. Dry deserts, which constitute 20% of… CONTINUE READING
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