Consumer‘s Trust in using E-Commerce Websites

  • Lawanshwa Kharsahnoh
  • Published 2014


E-commerce plays a very important role in today’s world especially in the trading business such as in an online shopping business. For an Internet business to succeed, sellers have to gain consumer’s trust. The objective of this paper is to develop a framework on what is trust based on and how decision is made by a consumer when purchasing products from a website and the risk a consumer perceives while making online transactions. Several studies were made based on how trust and risk in e-commerce correlate with each other. One of the issues which are of most concern is privacy which is related to security of online transactions based on consumer’s trust. In this paper, the findings also show that consumer’s trust is negatively related to perceived risk where trust acts as an antecedent for the risk. Keywords—E-commerce, B2C, trust, consumer, consumer risk, hypothesis, perceived, privacy

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