Consumer preferred hot beverage temperatures

  title={Consumer preferred hot beverage temperatures},
  author={Carl P. Borchgrevink and Alex M. Susskind and John M. Tarras},
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A Review of Hot Beverage Temperatures-Satisfying Consumer Preference and Safety.
A more rationale recommended range of service temperatures is 130 to 160 °F, which balances a range of consumer preferences and safety.
Serving Temperatures of Best-Selling Coffees in Two Segments of the Brazilian Food Service Industry Are “Very Hot”
The serving temperatures of best-selling coffee beverages in 50 low-cost food service establishments and 50 coffee shops were studied and consumers should allow a minimum cooling time before drinking of about 2 min at both LCFS and CS.
Drinking hot coffee: Why doesn't it burn the mouth?
It is hypothesized that during drinking, the bolus of hot coffee is not held in the mouth long enough to heat the epithelial surfaces sufficiently to cause pain or tissue damage.
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: Three hundred consumers were required to mix a hot and a cooler coffee together until it was at a desired temperature for drinking. They added creamer and sweetener to taste. In a 2nd experiment,
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The Liebeck hot coffee case is discussed, showing that the court's decision was not whimsical, but predicated on the knowledge and behaviour of McDonald's as represented and displayed by their
What Temperature of Coffee Exceeds the Pain Threshold? Pilot Study of a Sensory Analysis Method as Basis for Cancer Risk Assessment
The developed methodology for sensory analysis of threshold temperatures of “very hot (>65 °C) beverages” was found as fit for the purpose and may be applied in larger studies.
Effects of Serving Temperature on Sensory Perception and Acceptance of Brewed Coffee
Coffee continues to be one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide. How an individual perceives a cup of coffee is impacted by a plethora of factors including origin, growing climate,
Influences of Product Temperature on Emotional Responses to, and Sensory Attributes of, Coffee and Green Tea Beverages
Empirical evidence is provided that both emotional responses to, and sensory attributes of, coffee and green tea beverages can vary with sample temperatures.
Influence of the brewing temperature on the taste of 2 espresso 3
Very hot (> 65 °C) beverages such as espresso were evaluated by the International 10 Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as probably carcinogenic to humans. For this reason, 11 research into


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Debate about blame and contributory negligence raged when a jury in New Mexico awarded Stella Liebeck $160,000 in compensatory damages and $2.7 million in punitive damages after she spilled a cup of
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A case of fatal upper aerodigestive tract scald sustained by a schizophrenic man who drank hot coffee and the risks for incurring such injuries are discussed.
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