Consumer-driven definition of traditional food products and innovation in traditional foods. A qualitative cross-cultural study

  title={Consumer-driven definition of traditional food products and innovation in traditional foods. A qualitative cross-cultural study},
  author={Lu{\'i}s Guerrero and Maria Dolors Gu{\`a}rdia and Joan Xicola and Wim Verbeke and Filiep Vanhonacker and Sylwia Żakowska-Biemans and Marta Sajdakowska and Claire Sulmont-Ross{\'e} and Sylvie Issanchou and Michele Contel and M. Luisa Scalvedi and Britt Signe Granli and Margrethe Hersleth},

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Traditional foods and food systems: a revision of concepts emerging from qualitative surveys on-site in the Black Sea area and Italy.

  • L. F. D’Antuono
  • Business, Medicine
    Journal of the science of food and agriculture
  • 2013
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Evaluating the influence of the dimensions of the traditional food concept on the perception of mezcal and tequila showed that frequent consumption is not always linked to the traditional character of a product, which is useful to design effective strategies to promote rational and responsible consumption.



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