Consumer acceptance of cultured meat: A systematic review.

  title={Consumer acceptance of cultured meat: A systematic review.},
  author={Christopher John Bryant and Julie Barnett},
  journal={Meat science},
A Systematic Review of Cell-Cultured Meat Acceptance Systematic Review of Cell-Cultured Meat Acceptance
This review explores the current research on consumer acceptance of cell-cultured meat and outlines the methodology, followed by a description of results, a discussion section, and some tentative conclusions.
Consumer Acceptance of Cultured Meat: An Updated Review (2018–2020)
Cultured meat is one of a number of alternative proteins which can help to reduce the demand for meat from animals in the future. As cultured meat nears commercialization, research on consumers’
The Impact of Framing on Acceptance of Cultured Meat
It is demonstrated that those who encounter cultured meat through the “high tech” frame have significantly more negative attitudes toward the concept, and are significantly less likely to consume it.
Culture, meat, and cultured meat
  • C. Bryant
  • Sociology
    Journal of animal science
  • 2020
It is argued that the potential gains from a transition to cultured meat are vast, but that cultural phenomena and institutions must be navigated carefully for this nascent industry to meet its potential.
Cultured Meat: Promises and Challenges
It is argued that cultured meat is a moral improvement compared to conventional meat, and some regulatory issues, and the need for more public support to the innovation are discussed.
Consumer Acceptance of Plant-Based Meat Substitutes: A Narrative Review
The great environmental impact of increasing animal product consumption requires the willingness to reduce or to substitute meat consumption. A possible substitute product, plant-based meat


In vitro meat production system: why and how?
The concept of In Vitro Meat production system is discussed, the underlying technology is articulate and the context of its implications are analyzed, as proposed by several scientists and stakeholders.
Attitudes to in vitro meat: A survey of potential consumers in the United States
It is concluded that people in the USA are likely to try in vitro meat, but few believed that it would replace farmed meat in their diet.
Is in vitro meat the solution for the future?
The significance of sensory appeal for reduced meat consumption
Cultured meat from stem cells: challenges and prospects.