Consumer Cocreation in New Product Development

  title={Consumer Cocreation in New Product Development},
  author={Wayne D. Hoyer and Rajesh Chandy and Matilda Doroti{\'c} and Manfred Krafft and Siddharth S. Singh},
  journal={Journal of Service Research},
  pages={283 - 296}
The area of consumer cocreation is in its infancy and many aspects are not well understood. In this article, we outline and discuss a conceptual framework that focuses on the degree of consumer cocreation in new product development (NPD). The authors examine (a) the major stimulators and impediments to this process, (b) the impact of cocreation at each stage of the NPD process, and (c) the various firm-related and consumer-related outcomes. A number of areas for future research are suggested. 

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