Constructions of gender in Vietnam: In pursuit of the ‘Three Criteria’

  title={Constructions of gender in Vietnam: In pursuit of the ‘Three Criteria’},
  author={Sidney Ruth Schuler and Hoang Tu Anh and Vu Song Ha and Tran Hung Minh and Bui Thi Thanh Mai and Pham Vu Thien},
  journal={Culture, Health \& Sexuality},
  pages={383 - 394}
Vietnam has advanced far beyond most other developing countries and, indeed, surpasses many developed countries in adopting a legal framework based on gender equality, and in creating institutions and programmes to support women's advancement. Inegalitarian gender norms have also persisted, however. The Vietnam Women's Union promotes women's educational, political and economic advancement but simultaneously exhorts women to pay attention to their Confucian role of maintaining family hierarchy… 

The Vietnam Women’s Union and the Contradictions of a Socialist Gender Regime

  • L. Hoang
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Vietnam’s transition from a centrally planned economy to a “socialist market economy under state guidance” since the late 1980s has provided women with unprecedented opportunities. Their

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Fieldwork planning happy families the IUD and women's health body and health local moral worlds the expression of distress.

Logic in Practice

  • T. G.
  • Philosophy
  • 1934
THIS very able little book goes a long way to prove that logic is a human science, and not merely a more or less coherent collection of dry and irrelevant dogmas. The grounds of our beliefs, the

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