Constructions of factorization systems in categories

  title={Constructions of factorization systems in categories},
  author={Aldridge Knight Bousfield},
  journal={Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra},
  • A. K. Bousfield
  • Published 1977
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
In [2] we constructed homological localizations of spaces, groups, and 17"modules; here we generalize those constructions to give "factorization systems" and "homotopy factorization systems" for maps in categories. In Section 2 we recall the definition and basic properties of factorization systems, and in Section 3 we give our first existence theorem (3.1)for such systems. It can be viewed as a generalization of Deleanu's existence theorem [5] for localizations, and is best possible although it… Expand
Topological and Simplicial Models of Identity Types
By exhibiting suitable path object structures on Top and SSet, this paper endow those categories with the structure of a homotopy-theoretic model and, in this way, obtain the desired topological and simplicial models of identity types. Expand
Our object of study is the natural tower which, for any given map f : A → B and each space X, starts with the localization of X with respect to f and converges to X itself. These towers can be usedExpand
The Frobenius condition, right properness, and uniform fibrations
We develop further the theory of weak factorization systems and algebraic weak factorization systems. In particular, we give a method for constructing (algebraic) weak factorization systems whoseExpand
Localization and genus in group theory and homotopy theory
To support the development in (1) we combine the works of Adams [1], Casacuberta-Peschke-Pfenniger [7] and chapter I of the present exposition. Thus we arrive at the following pivotal point. TheExpand
On Localization and Stabilization for Factorization Systems
It is found necessary and sufficient conditions for (ε′, M*) to be another factorization system, and it is shown that a number of interesting factorization systems arise in this way. Expand
Localization with respect to a class of maps I — Equivariant localization of diagrams of spaces
Homotopical localizations with respect to a set of maps are known to exist in cofibrantly generated model categories (satisfying additional assumptions) [4, 13, 24, 35]. In this paper we expand theExpand
Adams Memorial Symposium on Algebraic Topology: On orthogonal pairs in categories and localization
X with f ∈ M, there is a unique morphism h : B → X with hf = g. The orthogonal subcategory problem [13] asks whether D is reflective in C, i.e., under which conditions the inclusion functor D → CExpand
Cellular Spaces 0. Introduction and Main Results
The aim of the present work is to study, in a systematic way, the possibility of constructing new spaces out of a given collection of persumably better understood spaces. Recently there were severalExpand
A naive diagram-chasing approach to formalisation of tame topology
We rewrite classical topological definitions using the category-theoretic notation of arrows and are led to concise reformulations in terms of simplicial categories and orthogonality of morphisms,Expand
The orthogonal subcategory problem in homotopy theory
It is known that, in a locally presentable category, localization exists with respect to every set of morphisms, while the statement that localization with respect to every (possibly proper) class ofExpand


The localization of spectra with respect to homology
IN [8] WE studied localizations of spaces with respect to homology, and we now develop the analogous stable theory. Let Ho” denote the stable homotopy category of CW-spectra. We show that eachExpand
On Bicategories of Relations and Pullback Spans
In this paper, we study relations in general categories. Our approach requires that these must have finite products and factorization systems. Klein [5] has obtained a condition for composition ofExpand
Monomorphisms, Epimorphisms, and Pull-Backs
As the applications of category theory increase, we find ourselves wanting to imitate in general categories much that was at first done only in abelian categories. In particular it becomes necessaryExpand
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