Construction of highly oriented crystalline surface coordination polymers composed of copper dithiooxamide complexes.

  title={Construction of highly oriented crystalline surface coordination polymers composed of copper dithiooxamide complexes.},
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Layer-by-layer bottom-up crystal engineering of metal-organic crystals at the surface of sapphire or glass from organic (rubeanic acid and derivatives) and inorganic (Cu(2+)) components which when mixed in solution form instantly an amorphous solid with high proton conduction. 
Self-assembly of highly crystalline two-dimensional MOF sheets on liquid surfaces
The formation process of the highly crystalline MOF nanosheet, NAFS-1 at the liquid surface was studied by UV-visible spectroscopy and synchrotron grazing incidence X-ray diffraction – self-assemblyExpand
Chemisorption of fluorous copper(II)-carboxylate complexes on SiO2 surfaces: versatile binding layers applied to the preparation of porphyrin monolayers.
The fluorous copper(II)-carboxylate complexes 1 and 2 are readily chemisorbed on SiO(2) surfaces affording super-hydrophilic binding layers for subsequent versatile functionalization by coordinationExpand
Preparation and Structural Features of Cu(I)Cu(II) Coordination Polymers Obtained by Using Tripodal Complexes as Bridging Ligands
A tripodal complex [CuCl(tpmtm)] (tpmtm: tris(2-pyrimidylthio)methanide) is used to synthesize coordination polymers. The tripodal complex unit worked as bidentate, tridentate, or tetradentate brid...
Bottom-up fabrication of redox-active metal complex oligomer wires on an H-terminated Si(111) surface.
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Stepwise assembly of coordination-based metal-organic networks.
The combined experimental and computational study demonstrates the formation of saturated, structurally organized systems on solid supports, and the rigid nature and geometry of the components are well-suited to form honeycomb and parallelogram structures. Expand
Self-assembly of gold nanoparticles on a single crystalline sapphire substrate
Abstract Single crystalline sapphire is an atomically flat substrate with a high transparency in a wide wavelength region. However, its surface is chemically stable so that the modification by aExpand
Growth of Two-Dimensional Metal–Organic Framework Nanosheet Crystals on Graphite Substrates by Thermal Equilibrium Treatment in Acetic Acid Vapor
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Spontaneous Construction of Nanoneedles Using Ruthenium Complex-conjugated Porphyrins on Substrates
Nanoneedle structures composed of a porphyrin derivative combined with a tris(bipyridine)ruthenium have been conveniently fabricated on an indium tin oxide electrode via continuous silane coupling ...
Porous Porphyrin Nanoarchitectures on Surfaces
Controlling the size and the growth direction of porous hybrid objects – metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) or porous coordination polymers (PCPs) – at the nanoscale is a critical issue for enablingExpand
Template Free Preparation of Heteroatoms Doped Carbon Spheres with Trace Fe for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Supercapacitor
Dithiooxamide (DTO), an organic ligand, is used to synthesize a ZnDTO framework, which acts as a precursor for self-doping of heteroatoms in the presence of hemoglobin via carbonization process for SExpand


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