Construction of a hybrid sweep-CSG modeler—The sweep-CSG representation


Applying sweep operations on 2-D closed contours is a well known method for modelling 3-D solid objects. This paper deals with the implementation of a solid modeler with sweep as the basic representational scheme. In the modeler, a solid is defined by sweeping a planar polygon along a linear or curved trajectory. A sculptured solid may also be defined by using a beta-spline curve for the sweep polygon and a cubic B-spline curve for the sweep trajectory. By incorporating Boolean operations, a hybrid sweep-CSG solid modeler is implemented. The current implementation allows translational, rotational, and twisted sweep operations on a planar polygon composited of lines and arcs. In addition, a solid primitive can also be created by sweeping a planar closed beta-spline curve along a cubic B-spline curve.

DOI: 10.1007/BF01200106

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