Construction of a chimeric thermoacidophilic beta-endoglucanase

  title={Construction of a chimeric thermoacidophilic beta-endoglucanase},
  author={Kristina Kufner and Georg Lipps},
  booktitle={BMC Biochemistry},
The archeaon Sulfolobus solfataricus P2 encodes a thermoacidophilic cellulase which shows an extreme acid and thermal stability with a pH optimum at 1.8 and a temperature optimum at 80°C. This extraordinary enzyme could be useful for biotechnological exploitation but the expression and purification in expression hosts like E. coli is unsatisfactory due to the high aggregation tendency of the recombinant enzyme. The thermophilic cellulase CelA from Thermotoga maritima belongs to the same… CONTINUE READING


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