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Construction of a $C^*$-algebraic quantum groupoid from a weak multiplier Hopf algebra

  title={Construction of a \$C^*\$-algebraic quantum groupoid from a weak multiplier Hopf algebra},
  author={B. Kahng},
  • B. Kahng
  • Published 18 September 2021
  • Mathematics
Van Daele and Wang developed a purely algebraic notion of weak multiplier Hopf algebras, which extends the notions of Hopf algebras, multiplier Hopf algebras, and weak Hopf algebras. With an additional requirement of an existence of left or right integrals, this framework provides a self-dual class of algebraic quantum groupoids. The aim of this paper is to show that from this purely algebraic data, with only a minimal additional requirement (“quasiinvariance”), one can construct a C∗-algebraic… Expand


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