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Construction of Efficient Fractional Factorial Mixed-Level Designs

  title={Construction of Efficient Fractional Factorial Mixed-Level Designs},
  author={Yong Guo},
Efficient Mixed-Level Fractional Factorial Designs: Evaluation, Augmentation and Application
In general, a minimum aberration criterion is used to evaluate fractional factorial designs. This dissertation begins with a comprehensive review and comparison of minimum aberration criteriaExpand
Curcumin-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers prepared using Peceol™ and olive oil in photodynamic therapy: development and application in breast cancer cell line
CUR loading in NLCs enhanced its cell penetration and cytotoxic anticancer properties both in dark and in light conditions. Expand


An Algorithm for Constructing Orthogonal and Nearly-Orthogonal Arrays With Mixed Levels and Small Runs
  • H. Xu
  • Computer Science
  • Technometrics
  • 2002
This article describes a simple and effective algorithm for constructing mixed-level orthogonal and nearly-orthogonal arrays that can construct a variety of small-run designs with good statistical properties efficiently. Expand
Mixed difference matrices and the construction of orthogonal arrays
We introduce a method to construct asymmetrical orthogonal arrays through the generalized Kronecker sum of (nonorthogonal) mixed-level matrix and mixed difference matrices. This method is distinctExpand
A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Multiple-Response Optimization
Many designed experiments require the simultaneous optimization of multiple responses. A common approach is to use a desirability function combined with an optimization algorithm to find the mostExpand
A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Multiple Response Optimization”, submitted to Journal of Quality Technology
  • Technometrices,
  • 2003
A New Approach for Constructing and Analyzing Supersaturated Designs for Experiments Involving Numerous Factors”, Dissertation (Unpublished)
  • Journal of Probability and Statistical Science,
  • 2003
Generalized minimum aberration for asymmetrical fractional factorial designs
By studying treatment contrasts and ANOVA models, we propose a generalized minimum aberration criterion for comparing asymmetrical fractional factorial designs. The criterion is independent of theExpand
The Theory of the Design of Experiments
This well-organized book can serve as a cornerstone in a graduate student’s exploration in the theoretical aspects of experimental design and is a valuable reference for statisticians working in medicine, agriculture, the physical sciences, and other areas of biometry and industry. Expand
Experiments: Planning, Analysis, and Parameter Design Optimization
This book discusses Factorial and Fractional Factorial Experiments at Three Levels, Robust Parameter Design for Signal-Response Systems, and other Design and Analysis Techniques for Experiments for Improving Reliability. Expand
On finding mixed orthogonal arrays of strength 2 with many 2-level factors
We describe a method for finding mixed orthogonal arrays of strength 2 with a large number of 2-level factors. The method starts with an orthogonal array of strength 2, possibly tight, that containsExpand