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Construction health and safety training: the utilisation of 4D enabled serious games

  title={Construction health and safety training: the utilisation of 4D enabled serious games},
  author={Nashwan Dawood and Geoff Miller and Jo{\~a}o Patacas and Mohamad Kassem},
  journal={J. Inf. Technol. Constr.},
Health and safety (H&S) is a major concern in the construction industry. Recent and historical data from the construction industry worldwide demonstrate that the human, social, and economic burden, inflicted as a result of H&S-related fatalities, is still significant. Training is a key strategy to reduce H&S risks. The investigation of serious games for H&S training in construction as complementary to traditional training methods has attracted significant interest in recent years. Current… Expand
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The Effectiveness of Traditional Tools and Computer-Aided Technologies for Health and Safety Training in the Construction Sector: A Systematic Review
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