Construction and utility of a human chromosome 22-specific Fosmid library.

  title={Construction and utility of a human chromosome 22-specific Fosmid library.},
  author={Ung Jin Kim and Hiroaki Shizuya and Juan Sainz and Jeffrey A. Garnes and Stefan Matthias Pulst and Pieter J de Jong and Melvin I. Simon},
  journal={Genetic analysis : biomolecular engineering},
  volume={12 2},
We have previously demonstrated the capability of the Fosmid vector based on Escherichia coli F-factor replicon to stably propagate cosmid-sized human genomic DNA fragments. Using the Fosmid vector, we have constructed and arrayed a 10 x human chromosome 22-specific library, partly by picking human positive clones from a total Fosmid library constructed using DNA from human-hamster hybrid cell line containing human chromosome 22, and partly by using flow-sorted chromosomal DNA. The clones and… CONTINUE READING
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