Construction and application of mycobacterial reporter transposons.

  title={Construction and application of mycobacterial reporter transposons.},
  author={Edith Erika Machowski and Ruth A. McAdam and Keith M Derbyshire and Valerie Mizrahi},
  volume={253 1},
The transposon Tn5367, which is a derivative of the mycobacterial insertion sequence IS1096, was modified by introducing novel genes to produce reporter transposons which can be used to generate transposon insertion libraries containing mycobacterial gene or operon fusions. A plasmid that is temperature-sensitive for replication in mycobacteria was used to deliver promoterless lacZ or aph reporter genes to Mycobacterium smegmatis as transcriptional (lacZ), or translational ('aph) fusions… CONTINUE READING