Construction Capital Productivity Measurement Using a Data Envelopment Analysis

  title={Construction Capital Productivity Measurement Using a Data Envelopment Analysis},
  author={Yan Li and Chunlu Liu},
  journal={International Journal of Construction Management},
  pages={49 - 61}
  • Yan LiChunlu Liu
  • Published 1 January 2011
  • Economics, Business
  • International Journal of Construction Management
Abstract During the past few decades, the construction industry has experienced a series of changes including the innovation of construction technologies and the enhancement of management strategies. These improvements should have had a considerable effect on industrial efficiency and productivity performance, but research is needed to address whether the capital productivity levels of the construction industry have in fact shown such a huge improvement. This paper aims to develop an analysis… 

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1 The Building Futures Council (BFC) would like to acknowledge the following task group members and individuals that contributed to this white paper: The Building Futures Council (BFC) is a national,

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