Constructing the Other: A Critical Reading of The Joy Luck Club

  title={Constructing the Other: A Critical Reading of The Joy Luck Club},
  author={Jing Yin},
  journal={Howard Journal of Communications},
  pages={149 - 175}
  • Jing Yin
  • Published 2005
  • Sociology
  • Howard Journal of Communications
ABSTRACT This article is a critical reading of the movie The Joy Luck Club. Grounded on Stuart Hall's theory of articulation, the author explored how the movie text constructed Chinese culture as the sexist, oppressive, mysterious, inscrutable, exotic, and savage cultural/racial Other. The representation of the negative Other in turn sustains the myth of the White middle-class American culture as the positive Self. This construction reflects the new Orientalist/Assimilationist paradigm, which… Expand
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