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Constructing groups of type $FP_2$ over fields but not over the integers

  title={Constructing groups of type \$FP\_2\$ over fields but not over the integers},
  author={Robert P. Kropholler},
We construct examples of groups that are FP2(Q) and FP2(Z/pZ) for all primes p but not of type FP2(Z). 



Groups of type $FP$ via graphical small cancellation

We construct an uncountable family of groups of type $FP$. In contrast to every previous construction of non-finitely presented groups of type $FP$ we do not use Morse theory on cubical complexes;

Presentations for subgroups of Artin groups

Recently, M. Bestvina and N. Brady have exhibited groups that are of type FP but not finitely presented. We give explicit presentations for groups of the type considered by Bestvina-Brady. This leads

Subgroups of almost finitely presented groups

We show that every countable group embeds in a group of type $$FP_2$$FP2.

Uncountably many groups of type FP

We construct uncountably many discrete groups of type FP; in particular we construct groups of type FP that do not embed in any finitely presented group. We compute the ordinary, ℓ2 , and compactly

Continuously many quasiisometry classes of 2-generator groups

Abstract. We construct continuously many quasiisometry classes of torsion-free 2-generator small cancellation groups.


For an automorphism ' of the group G, the connection between the centralizer CG(') and the commutator (G,') is investigated and as a con- sequence of the Schur theorem it is shown that if G/CG(') and

Uncountably many quasi-isometry classes of groups of type FP

Abstract:In an earlier paper, one of the authors constructed uncountable families of groups of type $FP$ and of $n$-dimensional Poincar\\'e duality groups for each $n\\geq 4$. We show that those

Hyperbolic groups with almost finitely presented subgroups

In this paper we create many examples of hyperbolic groups with subgroups satisfying interesting finiteness properties. We give the first examples of subgroups of hyperbolic groups which are of type

Quasi‐isometric diversity of marked groups

We use basic tools of descriptive set theory to prove that a closed set S of marked groups has 2ℵ0 quasi‐isometry classes, provided that every non‐empty open subset of S contains at least two

Morse theory and finiteness properties of groups

Abstract. We examine the finiteness properties of certain subgroups of “right angled” Artin groups. In particular, we find an example of a group that is of type FP(Z) but is not finitely presented.