Constructing Shortest Watchman Routes by Divide-and-Conquer

  title={Constructing Shortest Watchman Routes by Divide-and-Conquer},
  author={Xuehou Tan and Tomio Hirata},
We study the problem of finding shortest watchman routes in simple polygons from which polygons are visible. We develop a divide-and-conquer algorithm that constructs the shortest watchman route in O(n 2) time for a simple polygon with n edges. This improves the previous O(n a) bound [8] and confirms a conjecture due to Chin and Ntafos [4]. 1 I n t r o d u c t i o n The w a t c h m a n r o u t e p r o b l e m [3, 4, 8], an interesting variation of the well-known art gallery problem, deals with… CONTINUE READING

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