Constructability implementation: a survey in the Malaysian construction industry

  title={Constructability implementation: a survey in the Malaysian construction industry},
  author={Mekdam A. Nima and M. Abdulkadir and M. S. Jaafar and Riadh G. Alghulami},
  journal={Construction Management and Economics},
  pages={819 - 829}
Twenty-three constructability concepts are identified. Based on these, an industry-wide questionnaire was administrated in Peninsular Malaysia. The respondents were the engineers working with owners, consultants, contractors, subcontractors and construction management firms. The importance, from the viewpoint of the Malaysian engineers, of the constructability concepts and the degree of the actual application of those concepts in the Malaysian Construction Industry is presented so that an… 
As projects are getting complex by the day and for the fact that project failures – project abandonment, collapsed structures are constant discourse in the Nigerian news media, the need for
Constructability: Owners, Designers, and Contractors Practices in Industrial Projects
Abstract The constructability theory is built on the premise that designated experts review and analyse a plan collectively to iron out obstacles that may cause failure to the plan and make the
The Critical Review on the Malaysian Construction Industry
The construction industry is a very important part of Malaysian economy. The government’s aim is to make the industry more productive, efficient and safe. However reports and researchers on Malaysian
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Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are at the core of the Malaysian construction industry. They account for more than 90% of companies that accept construction work. Because the SMEs are the
Concepts of constructability for project construction in Indonesia
  • M. M. A. Ansyorie
  • Economics
    IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
  • 2019
A study of constructability has recently become one of the research themes that has received much attention. Constructability can be defined as the application and integration of construction
Factors influencing the buildability of designs in the Nigerian construction industry
Hardly could projects be executed in Nigeria without alteration of design. This cannot be dissociated from designs which are not practically buildable or arising from changing taste of client. A
The writers formulated a case study of the Kuala Selangor Cable Stayed Bridge to examine the application of the constructability concepts particularly during the conceptual planning and the design
This research is about Malaysia, innovation in its construction industry, and small and medium sized enterprises (SME) that form the backbone of the Malaysian construction industry. There is no
A Conceptual Model to Assess the Buildability of Building Structure at Design Stage in Malaysia
Buildability is increasingly becoming a major requirement in building construction practice. The aim of buildability is to improve efficiency of the overall building process by developing
Constructability database knowledge model and guidelines of industrial plant at construction stage
Constructability is a common issue faced by the construction industry which is defined as the ability to construct effectively. The separation of design from procurement and construction in the


Constructability Factors in the Malaysian Construction Industry
Advances have been made in the theory and implementation of constructability in many developed countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. This is not observed in the Malaysian
Constructability Programs: Method for Assessment and Benchmarking
Project constructability improvement should be treated as part of an overall continuous project‐improvement process. As such, constructability activities, and results should be continuously
Selecting Design-Build: Public and Private Sector Owner Attitudes
Modern owners of constructed facilities are increasingly investigating a variety of alternative procurement methods. These methods include design-build, turnkey, and construction management. To
Evaluation of the engineer’s personnel’s role in enhancing the project constructability
The engineer’s personnel play a prominent role in enhancing the constructability of facilities design, construction and assessment. This paper is based on the constructability concepts identified by
Barriers to Constructability Implementation
Recognition of barriers to constructability is identified as one of 15 significant parameters critical for effective constructability implementation. A barrier to constructability is any significant
FEATURE: Design/Build Alternative: A Contracting Method
The emergence of design/build as a popular alternative delivery system is perhaps the most significant trend within the construction industry in the past 20 years. In design/build, a single entity is
Improving Constructibility during Conceptual Planning
The effective integration of design and construction offers important benefits and means to achieve project objectives. The results are given of an investigation of industrial and building projects
Constructability and Constructability Programs: White Paper
Experienced construction personnel have provided input into construction projects for many years. However, only recently, under the impetus of the Business Roundtable's Construction Industry Cost E...
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