Constraints on the photon charge from observations of extragalactic sources

  title={Constraints on the photon charge from observations of extragalactic sources},
  author={V. V. Kobychev and Sergei B. Popov},
  journal={Astronomy Letters},
Having analyzed high-resolution observations of extragalactic compact radio sources with modern systems of radio telescopes, we obtained an estimate of the upper limit for the photon electric charge, eγ ≲ 3×10−33 of the elementary charge (assuming the photon charge to be energy independent). This is three orders of magnitude better than the limit obtained from radio pulsar timing. We also set a limit on the charge of a gamma-ray (energy ∼0.1 MeV) photon. In the future, the estimate based on… 

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Pulsar bound on the photon electric charge reexamined.

  • Raffelt
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1994
If photons have a small electric charge their path in the galactic magnetic field will be curved, leading to a time delay between photons of different frequency from a distant source, and the bound is [ital Q][sub [gamma]]/[ital e][approx lt]10[sup [minus]29].

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