Constraints on the axial-vector and pseudo-scalar mediated WIMP-nucleus interactions from PandaX-4T experiment

  title={Constraints on the axial-vector and pseudo-scalar mediated WIMP-nucleus interactions from PandaX-4T experiment},
  author={Zhou Huang and Chencheng Han and Abdusalam Abdukerim and Zihao Bo and Wei Chen and Xun Chen and Yunhua Chen and Chen Cheng and Zhaokan Cheng and Xiaohui Cui and Yingjie Fan and De-Qing Fang and Changbo Fu and Mengting Fu and Li-Hui Geng and Karl Ludwig Giboni and Linhui Gu and Xuyuan Guo and Kyong Chol Han and Changda He and Jinrong He and Di Huang and Yanlin Huang and Ruquan Hou and Xiangdong Ji and Yonglin Ju and Chenxiang Li and Jiafu Li and Mingchuan Li and Shu Li and Shuaijie Li and Qingjie Lin and Jianglai Liu and Xiaoying Lu and Ling-Zhi Luo and Yu-Xia Luo and Wenbo Ma and Yugang Ma and Yajun Mao and Nasir Shaheed and Yue Meng and Xu Ning and Ning Qi and Zhicheng Qian and Xiangxiang Ren and Changsong Shang and Xiaofeng Shang and Guofang Shen and Lin Si and Wenliang Sun and Andi Tan and Yinyong Tao and Anqing Wang and Meng Wang and Qiuhong Wang and Shaobo Wang and Siguang Wang and Wei Wang and Xiuli Wang and Zhou Wang and Yuehuan Wei and Mengmeng Wu and Wei-Long Wu and Jing-Kai Xia and Mengjiao Xiao and Xiang Xiao and Pengwei Xie and Binbin Yan and Xiyu Yan and Jijun Yang and Yong Yang and Chun-xu Yu and Jumin Yuan and Ying Yuan and Zhenxiong Yuan and Xin Zeng and Dan Zhang and Minzhen Zhang and P. Zhang and Shibo Zhang and Shu Zhang and Tao Zhang and Yingxin Zhang and Yuan-Jie Zhang and Li Zhao and Qibin Zheng and Jifang Zhou and Ning Zhou and Xiaopeng Zhou and Yong Zhou and Yubo Zhou},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

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