Constraints on neon and argon isotopic fractionation in solar wind.

  title={Constraints on neon and argon isotopic fractionation in solar wind.},
  author={Alex P Meshik and Jennifer Mabry and Charles M. Hohenberg and Yves Marrocchi and Olga V Pravdivtseva and Donald M Burnett and Chad C Olinger and Roger Wiens and D. 6. Reisenfeld and Judith Allton and Karen M. McNamara and Eileen Stansbery and Amy J. G. Jurewicz},
  volume={318 5849},
To evaluate the isotopic composition of the solar nebula from which the planets formed, the relation between isotopes measured in the solar wind and on the Sun's surface needs to be known. The Genesis Discovery mission returned independent samples of three types of solar wind produced by different solar processes that provide a check on possible isotopic variations, or fractionation, between the solar-wind and solar-surface material. At a high level of precision, we observed no significant… CONTINUE READING

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