Constraints on dark photons and axionlike particles from the SuperCDMS Soudan experiment

  title={Constraints on dark photons and axionlike particles from the SuperCDMS Soudan experiment},
  author={SuperCDMS Collaboration T. Aralis and T. Aramaki and I. J. Arnquist and E. Azadbakht and W. Baker and S. Banik and D. Barker and C. Bathurst and D. Bauer and L. Bezerra and R. Bhattacharyya and T. Binder and M. Bowles and P. Brink and R. Bunker and B. Cabrera and R. Calkins and R. A. Cameron and C. Cartaro and D. Cerdeno and Y.-Y. Chang and J. Cooley and H. Coombes and J. Corbett and B. Cornell and P. Cushman and F. D. Brienne and M. Vacri and M. Diamond and E. Fascione and E. Figueroa-Feliciano and C. Fink and K. Fouts and M. Fritts and G. Gerbier and R. Germond and M. Ghaith and S. Golwala and H. R. Harris and N. Herbert and B. A. Hines and M. I. Hollister and Z. Hong and E. Hoppe and L. Hsu and M. E. Huber and V. Iyer and D. Jardin and A. Jastram and M. H. Kelsey and A. Kennedy and A. Kubik and N. Kurinsky and R. E. Lawrence and A. Li and B. Loer and E. L. Asamar and P. Lukens and D. Macdonell and D. Macfarlane and R. Mahapatra and V. Mandi{\'c} and N. Mast and 'E.M. Michaud and E. Michielin and N. Mirabolfathi and B. Mohanty and J. Mendoza and S. Nagorny and J. Nelson and H. Neog and J. Orrell and S. M. Oser and W. A. Page and P. Pakarha and R. Partridge and R. Podviianiuk and F. Ponce and S. Poudel and M. Pyle and W. Rau and R. Ren and T. Reynolds and A. Roberts and A. E. Robinson and H. E. Rogers and T. Saab and B. Sadoulet and J. Sander and D. Toback and R. Underwood and S. Verma and A. N. Villano and B. Krosigk and S. L. Watkins and L. Wills and J. S. Wilson and M. J. Wilson and J. Winchell and D. Wright and S. Yellin and B. Young and T. C. Yu and E. Zhang and X. Zhao and L. Zheng},
  journal={Physical Review D},
  • SuperCDMS Collaboration T. Aralis, T. Aramaki, +103 authors L. Zheng
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • Physical Review D
  • We present an analysis of electron recoils in cryogenic germanium detectors operated during the SuperCDMS Soudan experiment. The data are used to set new constraints on the axioelectric coupling of axionlike particles and the kinetic mixing parameter of dark photons, assuming the respective species constitutes all of the galactic dark matter. This study covers the mass range from 40 eV=c2 to 500 keV=c2 for both candidates, excluding previously untested parameter space for masses below ∼1… CONTINUE READING
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