Constraints on background torsion field from K-physics

  title={Constraints on background torsion field from K-physics},
  author={Subhendra Mohanty and Utpal Sarkar},
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Impact of Torsion Space-Time on $t\bar{t}$ observables at Hadron Colliders

Starting from the effective torsion space-time model, we study its effects on the top pair production cross section at hadron colliders. We also study the effect of this model on top pair asymmetries

Cosmological Background torsion limits from Lorentz violation

Cosmological limits on Lorentz invariance breaking in Chern-Simons $(3+1)-dimensional$ electrodynamics are used to place limits on torsion. Birefrigence phenomena is discussed by using extending the

Constraining spacetime nonmetricity with Lorentz-violation methods

In this report, we will give the first constraints on in-matter nonmetricity. We will show how the effective-field-theory (EFT) toolbox developed for the study of Lorentz violation (LV) can be

Quantum Hydrodynamics of Spinning Particles in Electromagnetic and Torsion Fields

We develop a many-particle quantum-hydrodynamical model of fermion matter interacting with the external classical electromagnetic and gravitational/inertial and torsion fields. The consistent

Minimal coupling in presence of non-metricity and torsion

  • Adrià Delhom
  • Physics, Mathematics
    The European Physical Journal C
  • 2020
We deal with the question of what it means to define a minimal coupling prescription in presence of torsion and/or non-metricity, carefully explaining while the naive substitution

Search for Manifestations of Spin–Torsion Coupling

We investigate the axial vector spin–torsion coupling effects in the framework of the Poincaré gauge theory of gravity with the general Yang–Mills type Lagrangian. The dynamical equations for the



Consequences of propagating torsion in connection-dynamic theories of gravity.

  • CarrollField
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1994
The possibility of constraining theories of gravity in which the connection is a fundamental variable is discussed by searching for observational consequences of the torsion degrees of freedom by studying constraints on the two-dimensional parameter space characterizing the theory.

Spin and Torsion in Gravitation

Spin and Torsion Torsion and Magnetism Torsion and Maxwell Equations Maxwell Electrodynamics in Space with Torsion Dirac Equation in Curved Space-Time with Torsion The Torsion Coupling Constant and

$CPT$ violation and the standard model

Spontaneous CPT breaking arising in string theory has been suggested as a possible observable experimental signature in neutral-meson systems. We provide a theoretical framework for the treatment of

General Relativity with Spin and Torsion: Foundations and Prospects

A generalization of Einstein's gravitational theory is discussed in which the spin of matter as well as its mass plays a dynamical role. The spin of matter couples to a non-Riemannian structure in

Precision tests of CPT symmetry and quantum mechanics in the neutral kaon system.

Indications are that experimental data from the CPLEAR and previous experiments could be used to establish upper bounds on the CPT-violating parameters that are of order ${10}^{\mathrm{\ensuremath{-}}19}$ GeV, approaching the order of magnitude that may be attainable in quantum theories of gravity.

Sensitivity of CPT Tests with Neutral Mesons

The sensitivity of experiments with neutral mesons to possible indirect CPT violation is examined. It is shown that experiments conventionally regarded as equivalent can have CPT reaches differing by