Constraints on WIMP Annihilation for Contracted Dark Matter in the Inner Galaxy with the Fermi -LAT

  title={Constraints on WIMP Annihilation for Contracted Dark Matter in the Inner Galaxy with the Fermi -LAT},
  author={Germ{\'a}n Arturo G{\'o}mez-Vargas and Miguel A. Śanchez-Conde and J Huh and M. M. Peiro and Francisco Prada and Aldo Morselli and Anatoly Klypin and David G. Cerdeno and Y. Mambrini and C. Mu{\~n}oz},
We derive constraints on parameters of generic dark matter candidates by comparing theoretical predictions with the gamma-ray emission observed by the Fermi -LAT from the region around the Galactic Center. Our analysis is conservative since it simply requires that the expected dark matter signal does not exceed the observed emission. The constraints obtained in the likely case that the collapse of baryons to the Galactic Center is accompanied by the contraction of the dark matter are strong. In… CONTINUE READING


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Indirect detection of dark matter with γ rays.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America • 2015
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