Constraints on Type Ib/c and GRB Progenitors

  title={Constraints on Type Ib/c and GRB Progenitors},
  author={C. L. Fryer and Paolo A. Mazzali and John D. Prochaska and Enrico Cappellaro and Alin Panaitescu and E. Berger and Marijke van Putten and E.P.J. van den Heuvel and P. J. Young and Aimee Hungerford and Gabriel Rockefeller and S.-C. Yoon and Ph. Podsiadlowski and Ken'ichi Nomoto and Roger D. Chevalier and Brian Paul Schmidt and S. Kulkarni},
Although there is strong support for the collapsar engine as the power source of long-duration gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), we still do not definitively know the progenitor of these explosions. Here we review the current set of progenitor scenarios for long-duration GRBs and the observational constraints on these scenarios. Examining these, we find that single-star models cannot be the only progenitor for long-duration GRBs. Several binary progenitors can match the solid observational constraints… CONTINUE READING

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