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Constraints in Developing a Complete Bengali Optical Character Recognition System

  title={Constraints in Developing a Complete Bengali Optical Character Recognition System},
  author={Abu Saleh Md. Abir and Sanjana Rahman and Samia Ellin and Maisha Farzana and Md. Hridoy Manik and Chowdhury Rafeed Rahman},
Technological advancement has led to digitizing hard copies of media effortlessly with optical character recognition (OCR) system. As OCR systems are being used constantly, converting printed or handwritten documents and books have become simple and time efficient. To be a fully functional structure, Bengali OCR system needs to overcome some constraints involved in pre-processing, segmentation and recognition phase. The aim of this research is to analyze the challenges prevalent in developing a… Expand


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  • R. Smith
  • Computer Science
  • Ninth International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR 2007)
  • 2007